My Kind of Meds is a Private Member's Cannabis Association.

*We are a cottage industry having dedicated the last three decades plus to growing this wonderful plant, cannabis.  Our farm is located in the interior of British Columbia where the clean air still reigns supreme and spring water blesses the property in unlimited supply.  Sound like utopia, it is!  

*We are hard working, honest folks who don’t know how to do much else.  We enjoy the simply pleasures in life and feel it’s necessary for other good folks that sign up with us get value for their money.

*We are a here to help persons who choose medical marijuana as part of their treatment plan, obtain organically grown and lovingly raised medical marijuana.

*We are especially here for people who live in small and isolated communities.  We think it's only fair to have a compassion club available, without having to leave town.  We use fast, reliable, trackable service to ship.

My Kind of Meds  has been serving Canadians online since 2011.  We're thrilled with the support and knowledge of our members and are inspired everyday to reach higher (pun intended) because of you!

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