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You may have been wondering if cannabidoil, or CBD as it’s commonly known, an extract from the cannabis plant is beneficial to your pet(s). You may have heard that a lot of pet owners are using CBD to treat various conditions in their pets.  These conditions include such things as pain, anxiety, inflammation and allergic response, seizure and epilepsy, appetite imbalance, and for general nervous system protection.
Two years ago last June I wrote an article “Growing from Seed, Part 3”. In it, I discussed the importance of lighting for great bud finish and how many bulbs per square foot you’d need. Well, things have evolved considerably in the LED grow light technology since then and it was really cool to see these new arrays of light banks showcased at the Edmonton Hemp and Cannabis Expo.
It’s not often that I’ve been to a cannabis & hemp expo.  In fact, confession time: I’ve never been to one; but now that we’re so close to legalization in Canada, it felt like a good time to breakout and meet the people propelling the legal industry. First impressions walking into the show was one of joy.  Like a big heavy ball being lifted off the shoulders of cannabis users.  Whoopi Goldberg said it best when Barack Obama was voted into office in 2008, “I feel like I can finally put my suitcases down” (paraphrased).  It’s like that.
The stress free way to organize your clipping crew, keep the flow going and not bog down during harvest. Several days before the event, stock up on food and beverages.  Prepare and make meals such as one pot soups and stews ahead of time.  You can be as simple or fancy as you like, just make it good.  Clippers look forward to a good tasting meal on their break! Do a general household clean, especially the bathroom, and stock up on toilet paper!