Extracts and Concentrates

The new trend in cannabis consumption.

A bit of an exaggeration.

Eating pot has been around for a long time; just not with the sophistication we are seeing today, and we're liking the new trend!

There was a time back when someone throwing a party would cook up a batch of "brownies" with no telling what the effects are.  Either everyone is having a good time, or their blood pressure has dropped into their boots and they're no longer able to remain upright.

Nowadays, there's a bit more awareness.  Predicting what will happen when you consume a cannabis infused extract or concentrate is important.  Timing is everything too, picking the right time of day to kick back improves the chances of a great experience.

So what are extracts and concentrates exactly?

Up close with a batch of clumped resin crystal in a jar.

It is the end result of stripping away the cannabis plant material until what is left is the concentrated delivery of the active ingredients, THC and CBD.

The process is documented in our article on Cannabis Oil.

A new market

Baked cannabis goodies
Chef Alex Tretter carries a tray of cannabis-infused peanut butter and jelly cups to the oven for baking at Sweet Grass Kitchen (Denver, Colorado).

What wasn't easily predicted when Colorado made marijuana legal, was just how high the demand for cannabis edibles was going to be.
It seems there was a whole hidden market of non-traditional smokers just waiting in the wings!  On December 26th of 2014, the Denver Post reported that the edibles market accounted for nearly 45% of the legal marijuana business!

Edibles are legal in British Columbia since August 14th, 2014 when the Court of Appeals determined that medical marijuana access regulations conflict with the charter rights of individuals requiring other forms of cannabis to treat illness.

For many, it's a great alternative and it is more appealing than smoking dried cannabis.  Habits seem to have shifted away from traditional smoking in general.

The variety of edibles available is great if you can access a store where you can get them.  Compassion Clubs in Vancouver and Victoria in BC are reported to have a great selection.

There are some very dedicated bakers in British Columbia who have worked their craft for years and it shows in the quality.

The marijuana stores in Colorado apparently have a huge variety as the demand has soared and manufacturers are working around the clock to feed that demand.

Regulators have stepped in to limit the amount of active ingredient, THC, per serving size to 10 milligrams as people experimenting with edibles were reportedly having a 5 - 10 fold increase in hospital emergency admissions.

Making goodies for yourself ensures that you know what goes into the product you are consuming, especially if you grow your own.  There are a multitude of recipes online and hand picking all your own ingredients means you'll get great quality at a fraction of the cost.

Using pre-made concentrates like My Kind of Meds Bud Oil, Resin Crystal extract or Ganga Grease makes baking quick and easy, and you know exactly how much and what you're getting.

Just add the extract to your favourite recipe and you're done!

Timing the Medication

So when is a good time to consume cannabis infused concentrates or extracts?

The short answer is when you haven't much else going on.  Especially when you're not operating a vehicle or heavy machinery.

Ideally, most people I've talked to enjoy their cannabis extracts and concentrates in the afternoon and evenings.  People consume extracts or marijuana concentrates in small amounts in the afternoon to help with pain management and spasm relief as the day wears on.  Consuming plant extracts or concentrates in the evening can help with insomnia, keeping you asleep and/or help you fall back to sleep easily if awakened.

Taking the Medication

Cannabis Brownies

As with all dried marijuana, extracts and concentrates can be ingested or burnt and inhaled.

Generally speaking inhaling burnt cannabis oil, resin crystal, etc, can be really smoky and painful.  Vapourizing is best if you want to inhale concentrates with less pain and smoke.  The effect of inhaling concentrates will be much faster and stronger than ingesting concentrates.

THC and CBD can also be absorbed through the skin, transdermal absorption, as with the Golden Ganga Grease, and is said to provide pain relief for tendonitis and arthritis.


So why are people turning to ingesting extracts and concentrates?

It could be the general move away from smoking in general.  It is a great way to get the benefits of cannabis' active ingredients without the side effects of smoking.

Ingesting cannabis has a longer lasting effect and relaxes the body more whereas smoking reaches the head faster and some people don't like that feeling.

It may be that people have been doing their research and have come to know that CBD's in particular are good for us and so is the general sense of well being that they get from having the perfect cannabis oil infused treat!

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