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We have a great selection of premium indoor grown marijuana strains to choose from, organic BC outdoor, bud oil, hashish, cannabis tinctures and seeds.

Premium Indoor and Hydroponic strains priced at:  70 for 1/4 oz, 130 for 1/2 oz, 200 for 1 oz.*  Click here to view our current strain list.

Outdoor strains priced at: 45 for 1/4 oz, 80 for 1/2 oz, 150 for 1 oz.  (4oz max per order)

Organic Bud Oil: $25/gm

We also carry the full line of Smyle CBD and THC Shake n Spray and Vape Liquids and CannaB full spectrum CBD Tinctures, all 100% Canadian!

Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces and those with a DVA number received a 10% discount.

"I've recently signed up and received my first order.  Just wanted to say Thank You for having this service available!  I will definitely be ordering again (and again!)."  G.H.

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