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Looking for a way to keep your glass and plastic water bong clean and always tasting and smelling fresh?  Then you need Bong Bombs.  Bong Bombs will “bubble scrub” your unit top to bottom leaving you with a tasting great bong while the water churns.

Here’s how it works. Add 10 drops of your favourite flavour to your bong water, more if you have a larger bong.   It is recommended to add the drops down the bowl stem, then add water which rinses the product into chamber.  It will help stop build-up and bacteria.

The flavour artist at Bong Bombs is a master in creating mouth-watering combinations that fill your piece with a rush of tasty goodness, while food grade propylene glycol, a safe and effective liquid, helps break up the build up while you use the device, keeping it bacteria free. 

Grab a couple of bong bombs in delicious flavour combinations of Frosted Fudge, Sour Grapes, Summer Fruit and Tropical Breeze.

For the best tasting and smelling bong, nothing can compare to Bong Bombs!

Made in Ontario, Canada. ISO Certified manufacturing standards, extracts are stabilized in food grade propylene glycol USP

30mL for $12 tax included