Services for Patients

*We provide a secure, reliable online marijuana site where you can view our products and place orders from home. 

*We provide high quality, premium organic medical marijuana in a variety of strains.  We have indoor, outdoor, pure organic bud oil, hashish, cannabis tinctures, concentrates and topicals.

*We provide support and assistance to those that have struggled with the current governmental requirements for medical marijuana.  Despite the advances in studies, the majority of medical professionals have received no real guidelines from their governing boards with regards to prescribing medical marijuana.  Many people languish in a broken system.  That's where we come in. 

*We provide easy access to the best medical marijuana money can buy.  Don't put up with low, inconsistent quality marijuana grown under questionable conditions.  We are here to help the isolated folks and those from smaller towns receive the same special treatment as people in marijuana friendly cities.

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